Fix Common issues in HP Printer

Job stuck in print queue want to print

On the off chance that your printer can’t print from a PC in light of the fact that a print work is stuck in the Windows print line and this stuck print work can’t be crossed out or erased, it can keep additionally print employments from printing. This issue can happen in light of an assortment of reasons, for example, control blackouts, yet it generally includes the print work spooling process in Windows.

Sometimes occures 50.4 error

This is a blunder that happens in laser printers. It alludes to the fuser, a basic, however replaceable part. Contingent upon the model it can be an infrared stove, a warmed weight roller, or a xenon streak light. In the event that you are seeing a 50.4 Fuser Error on your HP printer, you most likely need to supplant the fuser. The printer is enlisting a fuser radiator wire disappointment. Fusers are a consumable part. it is normal over the life of the printer you will supplant the fuser a few times. HP gauges normal fuser life to last around 100,000 pages; yet a fuser can flop significantly prior contingent upon printing conditions, overwhelming paper jams, and the nature of the fuser introduced. For a transitory fix, you can take a stab at killing the printer and back on once more, in some cases the reboot will reset the fuser so you can keep printing a couple of more pages. On the off chance that the 50.4 Fuser Error returns, you ought to supplant the fuser. This is something best left to the specialists, yet you can scan for how to do it at the HP Support Center via looking for the 50.4 mistake and your printer’s model number.

To resolve this problem, follow visit HP Customer Support and follow the instructions.


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