HP LaserJet Pro M227fdw review

Designed for 1-5 users, the LaserJet Pro M227fdw costs £241.20 when bought directly from HP, although you can shave a few pounds off that price if you hunt around online. There are cheaper, single-function laser printers available, such as Samsung’s M2835DW, but the M227fdw is a multi-function device which also includes a scanner, copier and fax, along with an automatic document feeder.


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It also has useful connectivity options to provide a versatile all-in-one solution for your office printing needs. The only thing it doesn’t do, of course, is print in colour. Unfortunately, the Quick Start guide provided by HP isn’t terribly helpful, especially as the link that it gives to HP’s support site didn’t work when we tried it. That left us searching around on HP’s web site in order to find a proper manual – and we almost missed the second, smaller paper tray that that lurks right inside the body of the printer.

But while HP’s documentation could be improved, the printer itself is well-built and easy to use. It does look a bit bulky, admittedly, but that’s mainly because of the large document feeder that sits on top of the printer.

In fact, the M227fdw only measures about 16-inches (405mm) wide and deep, so it’ll fit quite easily onto a desk even in a smaller office where space is a bit tight.

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