If system crashed or loss of data then quickly repairs the damages

By enabling prospects to view the sales professional’s computer screen, desktop sharing allows the salesperson to easily present information about the company and its products and services. The salesperson can also turn over control of the desktop to a participant, allowing him or her to try the product or browse through various parts of the presentation. This hands-on experience gives the prospect a clear understanding of the benefits of the product or service. When a sale hinges upon the go-ahead from a potential client’s higher-level manager, desktop sharing solutions can smooth the way to closing the deal by allowing managers to attend meetings without ever leaving the office. In addition, the flexibility inherent in the tool makes it possible to initiate or reschedule a presentation at a moment’s notice.

Desktop sharing can become a bridge to provide the customer with the support needed to implement the company’s product or service. For example, desktop sharing can be used to introduce the company’s customer support team and walk the customer through the support services offered.

With tight travel budgets and time at a premium, using innovative tools to conduct remote sales presentations can leverage both your time and the time of your clients. Desktop sharing solutions can reduce routine business travel costs and increase productivity. The result is the ability to reach more prospective clients and an acceleration of the sales cycle. When sales presentations can start with a click of the mouse and reach customers and potential customers around the world, the result is an increase in the bottom line.

Virtual desktops also guarantee low operating costs since the desktop environment of a PC is stored on a remote server. The high operating costs of desktop fleets can be considerably reduced with the advent of PC Maintaining and managing PC hardware and software amounts to a huge sum in most if the companies. Setting up a virtual desktop also reduces the high IT labor costs since the desktop management time and support costs are reduced to a great extent. Just a fraction of the efforts required to run traditional thick-client computers are needed in this new technology. Even desktop management headaches are almost nil in this new scenario. In brief, the total cost of ownership cost can be significantly reduced with computer.

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